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Happy New Year:  NEW YEAR?  Yes New Years is just a few short weeks away.  This means that all 2016 USA Swimming memberships will expire on December 31, 2016.  If you have not renewed your membership for 2017, now is the time to do so.  Not sure if you have done this?  Check your Deck Pass.  Deck Pass will show your current membership card.  Check this out on the USA Swimming… Continue reading

We are up to 120 clubs registered within the LSC

Many Middle Atlantic teams will be hosting meets the weekend of January 7th.  In fact, there are 11 meets total that weekend.  If you are entering athletes in a meet, be sure to check your club portal to see if your athletes are registered for 2017.

Did you know you can see your Non-Athletes in your club portal also?  YES!  It will show their membership status as well, which means for coaches the club person with portal access can see when certifications expire.  If you do not have the access to your club portal, please contact amy@maswim.org  and she will be happy to send you the password.

Thank you to everyone for working hard this fall.  We are currently just shy of 10,000 athletes!  124 teams have registered as Club Members for 2017.  If you have not sent your club renewal form to us do so before the end of the year.  The fee will increase to $300 on January 1.  Click here to see if we have received your registration. Continue reading

We are looking for Meet Hosts for 2017 Long Course Championship Meets

Middle Atlantic swimming is looking for meet hosts for the 2017 Long Course Championships.  The “Bid Packet” is here.  This is a “fillable” word document.  These meets include:

  1. Senior Championships July 12-15
  2. Silver Championships July 14-16
  3. Junior Olympics July 20-23

Bids due to Mike Seip by January 15, 2017, mikeseip@maswim.org.  Meet will be awarded at the February MA Board Meeting Questions should be directed to Mike Seip

December 14 Meet Director Training

The 12/14 Meet Directors Workshop being held 7-9 PM is made available through a web-based platform called Zoom.  This is the last scheduled workshop of 2016 for renewal of expiring Meet Director Certifications along with any new Meet Director Certifications.   Here is the link for sign up or you may contact Mike Seip (mikeseip@maswim.org) to sign-up.

USA Swimming SWIMS Database

USA Swimming collects every time swum in a sanctioned USA Swimming meet so that you don’t have to. There are a number of ways to search for your time. It can be done by age group, gender, season, date and more. Read more here to find out all the ways you can find your time

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