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Updated on 2018 Eastern Zone Age Group Championship

A conference call regarding the Eastern Zone Age Group Meet was held Tuesday, February 27.  Present were Deb Burke and Marci Callan (Fairport Aquatic), Richard Nolan (Meet Referee), Mary Turner (EZ Chair Non-Coach) and Jerry Adams (EZ Tech Planning Chair.

The announced athlete limit of 11-over athletes has been exceeded. After discussing the situation, and looking for the best solution to run a championship level meet, we have come up with the following:

  1. The Eastern Zone will accept no further 11-over athletes.
  2. 10-Under athletes will be accepted through the entry period up to the published athlete limit
  3. Athletes already entered will be able to add to their entries as they qualify until the March 19 entry deadline.
  4. Prelims will either be run in a single 10-lane course or be run in an 8-lane course for women and a 6-lane course for men.
  5. If prelims are run in 2 courses, and timelines allow, we will open the competition pool for warm-up between some events.
  6. If prelims are run in 2 courses, A finals will be run in an 8-lane course (if pool can be moved to 10 lanes for finals, it will be a 10-lane A final).
  7. Teams may substitute qualified athletes before the entry deadline if they have a swimmer pulling out of the meet.
  8. A waiting list will be kept by the meet hosts.  As swimmers scratch from the meet, those on waiting list will be notified and given opportunity to enter.
  9. Please send any scratches to the meet entry chair as soon as possible if you know an athlete will not attend


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