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USA Swimming has decided to move away from the physical membership packet and offer an online digital card.  The online card will provide athletes with easy accessibility if they need a copy of their card at any time, connect them to our partners and increase USA Swimming’s brand awareness.

A PDF of your membership card will pop on your screen.  Please print a copy for your records

Athletes may be registered at any time, but MUST be registered at least 2 weeks prior a to any meet they wish to swim in. Any swimmers not registered 10 days prior to a sanctioned or approved meet will NOT be entered into the meet. They may, however, still swim in the meet if the Meet Director accepts deck entries, and the swimmer is registered prior to the start of the meet. The fee for express processing is twice the normal registration fee.

If you would like to check your registration or need verification of your membership after you’ve renewed your membership you may access it through USA Swimming’s Deck Pass. You can even print out a membership card. See for details.


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