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Bidding on Meets for the 2018-19 short course and long course seasons*

Middle Atlantic is soliciting bids from teams interested in hosting meets for the upcoming year (Sept 2018 thru August 2019).   The Meet Schedule from Technical Planning includes the dates for the Middle Atlantic Senior and Age Group meets, and details the number and types of additional meets requested for each month.    You may bid on any meet you would like to host and choose your dates.  The weekends for Middle Atlantic Age Group meets, Senior meets and the Middle Atlantic Annual House of Delegates Meeting are not generally available to clubs.  National, regional, sectional and high school meets may be listed on the schedule; these are for informational purposes only.  Include in your bids all closed invitationals, distance meets, dual competitions, intrasquad meets, Q meets or any other “special” meets so that other bidders will be aware of these meets.  In addition, any A/BB/C meet may be ‘bid’ as follows: (a) any meet may be either a Timed Finals or Prelims/Finals meet; (b) the meet may be BB/C or other similar standard.  Developmental meets may be ‘bid’ to include the 8 & under age group and the 9-10 age-group (additional safety related requirements may apply for such meets.) Developmental meets are stand-alone meets and may not be included as a separate session of an A/BB/C meet.  Mini meets are for 8 & under swimmers only, they too are stand-alone meets and may not be included as a separate session of an A/BB/C meet.   The Director of Competition assisted by Site Selection and Technical Planning will review the bids, help rearrange any high-demand weekends, fill in the gaps and present the schedule to the House of Delegates in April for approval.  The process is detailed below.

  • Fill out the meet bid form.  This is one of three documents you will need for bidding (unless you request a type of meet that is not scheduled – Here is Meet Schedule).  Copy the meet bid form as many times as necessary to accommodate the number of meets you wish to bid.  There is no limit, we encourage you to be creative and offer quality meets to our swimmers.   Keep in mind the limitations of your facility, your club, and any and all safety issues.
  • Fill out the facility usage request form.  We realize that many of you are not able to secure a facility with a signed contract this early in the year.  This requirement has been altered from a signed facility agreement to a signed request for one.
  • Fill out the state code compliance agreement.  This basically states that you will follow the laws of the state in which you are holding the meet. Pay particular attention to each state requirement in regard to lifeguards on duty at a meet.  Only fill out one of these, it will cover all your meets.

For any meet that does not conform to the guidelines on the schedule, your meet format must be submitted with the bid and approved by the Director of Competition and Technical Planning.  Note that any format or location change after your meet has been sanctioned will require a new sanction application.

Submit your bid(s) to the Middle Atlantic Director of Competition via email by 3/15/18.

Shortly after March 15, 2018, a summary of the bids will be posted on the MA website for your review.  The summary will include the following information:

  • Meet host and facility
  • Meet date and type
  • Contact e-mail

If you see potential conflicts on any weekend, contact the other host teams via e-mail and try to resolve any problems before the Meet Host’s Meeting.  For example, if eight teams want to hold a meet on the first weekend in November, those teams should get together and exchange ideas until we have a workable number of meets on that weekend.

An electronic copy of your meet announcement, the TM events files, the sanction request forms and all fees must be received by the MA Director of Competition no later than August 1st.  If you are late with any of the documents you may be fined $25 per day late.   You must have a USA Swimming registered and Middle Atlantic certified Meet Director, Safety Director and Administrative Official for each meet.  You should also indicate the Meet Referee for your meet; if you do not have a meet referee, you must confer with the Officials Chair to assure that you have a plan for meet officials.

The Meet Host’s mandatory meeting is scheduled for Saturday, April 28, 2018 in conjunction with a HOD meeting.   Details will be sent when the location and time is confirmed.    Each host club must send a representative that has the authority to negotiate on the club’s behalf.  We will emerge from this meeting with a meet schedule for the 2018-19 year to present to the Board and the House of Delegates for approval.

*We realize that obtaining an OK from a facility for a long course/ summer meet that is over a year away will be difficult, if not impossible.  We ask that you pick weekends from the 2018 May-August calendar to declare your intention to host a particular type of meet on that weekend.  You will have an opportunity to confirm or change this intention in the January / February 2018 time frame.

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