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Eastern Zones

MA Zone All-Star Team

The MA Zone All-Star Team represents Middle Atlantic Swimming at the Eastern Zone Championships, where the top Middle Atlantic age group swimmers compete against swimmers from Maine to Virginia.

The Eastern Zone Championships are the highest level of competition for age group swimmers, before moving on to Junior and Senior National Championships.



Middle Atlantic Swimming will not participate in 2017 Short Course Zones.  We will continue to participate in Long Course Zones.  Information on 2017 Long Course Age Group Zone Championship will be posted in spring/summer, 2017.  2017 Long Course Qualifying Times are available.


Please look for information regarding an MA Zone Qualifier Camp in early 2017.

Zone Team Application FAQ

Do I need to submit my times?

All times from MA sanctioned meets are automatically entered into the Zone Database, and do not need to be submitted. For meets outside the LSC, and approved and observed meets within the LSC, applicants must submit proof of time using USA Swimming’s SWIMS database.

How do I get my times from SWIMS?

  1. Go to the USA Swimming website: http://www.
  2. On the Home Page click on “Times” located in the blue bar at the top of the screen.
  3. Choose “Time Search” in the grey box on the left side of the screen.
  4. Choose “Individual Times Search” either in the grey box or blue bubble on the page.
  5. Enter your name and date range for the current short course season
  6. Print and attach consideration times to your application.

What are MA sanctioned meets?

  1. All MA meets that are used for consideration will contain: a year, MA, team name, and meet name.

What meets CANNOT to fulfill the participation eligibility requirement?

  1. Dual and Intrasquad Meets
  2. Meets outside the Middle Atlantic LSC. (Any meet that has PV, NJ, MD or any other LSC in place of the MA in the meet name.)
  3. Observed  meets. (Any meet that has OB in the title.)