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Middle Atlantic Swimming HOD Adopts the new USA swimming FLEX Membership

During the Annual Middle Atlantic Swimming House of Delegates meeting, the membership voted to adopt the following membership category:


602.1.2 E. Flex Members – A flexible membership (a “Flex Members”) is designed to bridge into the sport full-time. Flex membership will allow teams to grow membership with programs such as learn-to-swim lessons, pre-team programs and summer league programs. Flex Members will receive benefits such as the ability to participate in two USA Swimming sanctioned (below LSC Championship level) events each year, USA Swimming insurance coverage and membership cost will go towards a year-round membership should the athlete member transition within the same membership year. Flex Members are not allowed to compete in season ending championship sanctioned events such as Junior Olympics, Senior Championships, Silver Champs, Bronze Champs, Mini Champs etc.

Here are a few frequently asked questions to help you better understand the new category:

When does Flex Membership become an option?
The Flex Membership will be an option as of September 1, 2018.

Is this membership category mandatory for all clubs to offer?
NO, clubs do not have to offer this membership category to their team.

Who is eligible for a Flex Membership?
This membership option is available for athletes under the age of 18. (however, the expectation is that these programs will primarily serve 12 & under swimmers). This category could fill the current void between  swim lessons and swim team for 5?7 year?old swimmers. Other youth sports provide participation options  for this age range. 

What is the cost of the membership?
$20 ($10 goes to USA Swimming and $10 to Middle Atlantic Swimming)

What if I decide to become a year-round athlete member?
If you have tried the Flex Membership for $20 and liked it so much you decided to become a year-round athlete member, the $20 you paid for your Flex Membership will be credited toward your full year-round athlete membership fee.

How will I know if I have hit the two meet maximum?
Athletes who have already participated in two meets will show up in meet reconciliation report run by the meet host team prior to the start of a meet.

Also be aware that SWIMS, the USA Swimming database for member times, will not load a swimmer’s time if the swimmer has already competed in two meets. SWIMS does not track events that are 25 yards or meters in distance, so if a swimmer swims only 25s, they will not be flagged. Observed/Approved times will also go into SWIMS without being flagged (i.e. most YMCA and High school Championship meets)

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